So, you have this big culture of infusorians and a new batch of baby bettas. But you want to go out of town for a few days. What can you do?

Beg, borrow or steal a large drink container with a spill proof lid. Pour a portion of your infusorians into it. (Refill your culture) Place your new drip feed container above your fry tank. Insert one end of a length of air tubing through the x (where the straw was) until it is close to the bottom. Suck on the tube to start the siphon action, tape that end above your fry tank and use a clamp to restrict the flow to about one drop per minute. Your fry will soon discover this 24 hour diner and will come to the location to feed. Use your magnifying glass to check their little fat tummies and adjust the drip rate to keep them full. Refill your drip feeder as necessary.

This is a good place to add vitamins. Find the store in your area that has the freshest (most potent) water soluble baby vitamins. Dissolve some in de-chlorinated water and add them to your drip feed container. The infusorians will absorb the vitamins, the fry will eat the infusorians (& vitamins) and you will have bigger, healthier and more beautiful bettas. Don’t forget to do partial water changes and check your water chemistry before you leave and as soon as you get home.