Knowledge about Betta Fish Eggs

In the process of breeding the betta fish, we will see the betta fish eggs when the process of breeding is almost done. The eggs of betta fish are white and spotted easily inside the bubble nest. When the betta owner uses magnifying glass to watch the eggs of betta fish, the owner is able to see the spot of the eggs of betta fish clearly. If the owner uses the appropriate treatment for keeping the eggs of betta fish, it will be a good for the male betta fish. Moreover, the treatment can keep the betta fish eggs from the fungus attacking by decreasing the attack of fungus.

Betta Fish Eggs to Become Fry

In 36 hours after the betta fish eggs are laid to the spawn, the tiny fry starts to fall out of the bubble nest and the tiny fry will start landing on the bottom of the tank that has been prepared for the breeding. In this process, the condition of the eggs will change to fry that looks like a black dot complete with a tiny tail. In this process, the male betta fish will pick up the tiny fry by swimming down to the bottom of the tank and place the tiny fry back to the bubble nest same at the first time fry appear.

The Importance of Male Betta for Betta Fish Eggs

It is very important to keep the male betta fish in the same tank with betta fish eggs. It is because the male betta fish is able to take care of the tiny fry until they can swim freely. But, in some cases, there are male betta fish that can start to eat the tiny fry. The owner should notice the male betta fish which act like that and should remove from the tank as soon as possible to save the fry.