Betta Fish Food

Feeding your betta fish the right food and the correct amount is extremely important when attempting to keep them healthy and thriving.  Betta fish are known to be fairly picky eaters, so it’s imperative that you find a food they like and stick to the same food pattern in their feeding schedules.  It’s also important to teach your betta to expect the food.  There are a variety of ways to do this, but the object of doing it is to prevent the food from dropping to the bottom, where most bettas won’t touch it.  Official betta fish food also works, but bettas tend to thrive between a mix of live and frozen shrimp.

Important of Consistency in Feeding Patterns

It is important to establish a number of guidelines in regards to the feeding patterns of your betta.  They like it when they have a set schedule of being fed; this way they are more likely to expect the food coming, increasing their chances of capturing/feeding.  It’s important to feed your betta a set number of times per day.  Two or three times per day is a suitable amount for most bettas, but an easy way to tell if they need more food is to watch their belly as you feed them.  If their belly is the same size as before they ate, it’s safe to get them a little more food.

Also important is giving them the correct amount of food each time you feed them.  Brine shrimp are very small and therefore bettas may consume upwards of 20-30 shrimp per meal.  Watch your bettas belly carefully to see if they need more food or not.  Remember to remove uneaten food at the end of each meal, as the food can quickly rot and cause pollution and other problems in your betta’s tank.

Teach Bettas when it’s time to Eat

Teaching your betta to expect the food is a great way to improve your bettas eating habits and their overall health.  While this can take some training and practice, most bettas are completely capable of learning to expect food, and to expect when meal time is approaching.  To start, take a small portion of food and display it to your betta from outside the aquarium.  Get your bettas attention by swirling the food around in the water and letting them smell it.  Then, drop the food into the water and watch as they eat it.  If they don’t eat, simply grab the food back out and try it again.

Best Food for Bettas

Feeding betta fish relies on giving them the correct type of food so they get all the vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients they need for survival.  Official betta fish food can be used, and will suffice and keep your betta in good health.  However, feeding them a mixture of fresh and frozen brine shrimp and bloodworms will give them added vitamins and minerals that they need to truly thrive and stay healthy and to live long lives.