Betta Fish Care Guides & Tips

The tank setup is the first part of basic Siamese fighting fish care. You want to make sure that you get a decently sized tank for these fish, around at least 5 gallons, or 20 liters. You should have a filter, a heater, and varied decorations. When it comes to decorations, do make sure that they are not hard or sharp to avoid damage to the fins. Keep these decorations varied because as intelligent fish, they are curious and require stimulation.

Bettas love hiding places, so providing a few hiding spots in the aquarium will help keep your fish happy.You can also add aquarium gravel or sand to the bottom of the tank, but it is not mandatory. When filling up the tank, use room temperature water and fill it up with some space left on top. Betta fish do breathe oxygen and will need space between the water and the lid of the tank. Once the fish is in, keep the lid on to avoid jumping.

Always have only one male betta fish per tank. If you have more than one male, they will likely fight with one another, which may lead to serious injury and death of the fish.

Keep in mind that your Betta is a carnivore (meat eater), so supply him with a high protein diet. Many Betta foods are available on the market today, and most frozen or processed tropical fish foods are also sufficient. Bettas have small appetites, so make sure to not overfeed them. Your fish should be able to consume all the food within two minutes of feeding. If there is food in the tank after this time has passed, this will contribute to poor water quality, leaving your Betta more vulnerable to disease.

You will likely only need to feed your Betta once a day, though some people feed twice a day. If you feed twice a day, remember that this will increase the waste your fish is producing and will also increase the risk of over feeding, so it becomes more important that you are performing your weekly 10-15% water changes and all necessary filter maintenance. Providing a proper diet will increase your Betta’s life expectancy and strengthen his immune system.

Watch the water in the tank. Part of Siamese fighting fish care, and fish care in general, is careful watching of the water quality. You want to avoid disease and other issues that can arise if the water becomes dirty. A good heater and filtration system will do wonders here.

This particular type of fish is comfortable in water with a temperature of about 23 and 27 degrees Celsius. You should also know that the fish is affected by the levels of pH of the water, and you should consider maintaining a neutral pH level of about 7.0. However, the Siamese fighting fish can be quite tolerant so a slight difference in the level won’t be fatal.

Check the fish regularly for disease or injury. Any time you notice that something is wrong, use the appropriate treatment. There are several treatment options available from stores so this is not a serious issue in most cases. Make sure that you know more about the signs of disease so that you can choose the right treatment option.

Part of betta fish care is careful handling. Their fins can damage easily if handled roughly. Any time you move the fish, do so gently.