All FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions) About Betta Fish

Below are all FAQs for anyone interested in purchasing their own or learning more about the fish.

What is the difference between Siamese fighting fish and betta fish?

There is not one! These are both names given to the same species of fish. When researching them, you may see either name come up for them, depending on the source. Some will use one over the other, though. betta fish is closer to the original name, translated, but betta is the name given to the fish by scientists and researchers in the west. The name betta comes from a tribe of warriors.

Where can you find the fish?

If you plan to purchase a betta fish, you can find them nearly anywhere. They are a hugely popular fish all across the world due to their beauty. Originally, they come from Southeast Asia.

What types of environments do they need?

Betta fish in stores are generally sold in small containers. This is because they can survive in nearly any environment, even those with low oxygen. In natural environments across Southeast Asia, you can find them in rice paddies and some ponds and rivers. Usually shallow water.

What do they eat?

Primarily, in the wild, they will eat larvae, shrimp, insects, and other living things. They have a mostly carnivorous diet. They can eat the store bought fish food, of course.

How big do they get?

As you may have noticed before, betta fish do not grow that large. Just a few centimeters in length, at most, they are quite small. The large fins may make them appear larger, but their bodies remain quite small.

How long can they live?

On average, betta fish can live 3 to 5 years, but usually around 3.

What are they like?

betta fish and betta fish are names given because of their aggressive personalities. These fish are highly aggressive, with males typically fighting other males. Even females have some aggressive traits to them. They are intelligent fish and have unique personalities. They are curious and will get to know their owners. Some even enjoy swimming into your hand!